you mean nothing to no one & that's no one's fault

I honestly would be lost without my roommate. She reminds me that it’s okay to fall apart sometimes and that everyone does it. But hiding it comes too natural. I’m so blessed to always have her by side picking me back up. So, for when you’re reading this bored on tumblr not doing your homework like you’re supposed to. Here’s your shoutout: 


How do you possibly fix something that can’t be fixed.


Being rude to service staff is #1 indicator that someone is garbage

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But sometimes, I just want somebody to hold. Someone to give me their jacket when it’s cold. Got that young love even when we’re old. Yeah sometimes, I want someone to grab my hand. Pick me up, hold me close, be my man. I will love you till the end.

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I design clothes because I don’t want women to look all innocent and naïve…I want woman to look stronger…I don’t like women to be taken advantage of…I don’t like men whistling at women in the street. I think they deserve more respect. I like men to keep their distance from women, I like men to be stunned by an entrance. I’ve seen a woman get nearly beaten to death by her husband. I know what misogyny is … I want people to be afraid of the women I dress Alexander McQueen (via mcqueenadillo)

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Do not find homes in people. Do not settle in someone’s else’s skin for the way they make you feel. Plant your roots next to theirs and watch each other grow. Do not fall in love with temporary places.

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I feel suffocated.